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Our annual gala is organized during the month of December to raise money to rebuild our church. It is a classic affair, with dinner and entertainment. All parishioners are invited. It is an event you wouldn’t want to miss. Remember to bring a friend or family member with you.

We pray a lot, we give glory to God but we do not forget our cultural activities that are necessary to maintain the good mood, the frank camaraderie and the opportunity to meet our peers and make new friends.

At Holy Family, we have a special devotion to the Virgin Fatima who intercedes for many of our parishioners. Every month, on the 13th, we hold a special celebration where we bring our wishes to her and ask for her intercession. However, Fatima novena is held each year during the month of May for a period of nine days--an intense prayer season not to be missed.

Our Lady of Cape Visit - February 13, 2018

The Christmas concert is held on December 24 at the church. The pictures demonstrate the joy, love and dedication of each member of the parish to deliver a unique artistic product, expressed in color, songs and dances. This unforgettable evening of entertainment is coupled with the midnight mass that ends the event.

It is an annual event that gives followers the chance to spiritually rejuvenate themselves at Holy Family. It is also an opportunity to ask God for deliverance from the burdens and penalties of this life. The event is scheduled at the beginning of each year, to set the tone for the New Year and make sure that our prayers are heard and answered by God. Look at us in photos and come to take part in this unique event.

Parish Office


 Rev. Fritzner Bellonce, Pastor

Rev. Mr. Valentine Onuigbo, Deacon

Rev. Esteker Elyse, SMM
Rev. Emmanuel John Essiet

Stephania Desir

Nice Daniel

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Daily Masses:
Mon-Sat @8:30 AM

Night of Deliverance
Every Last Friday of the month @7:00 PM

Saturday @ 4:30 - 5:30 PM

Mass of Our Lady of Fatima
Every 13th of the month @7:00 PM

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